5 Super Human

Anne Green

Was executed by hanging at the age of 22 years. At that time, carried out by means of hanging the prisoner was told to go up the stairs and put his own rope to his neck.

After hanging slama half hour, anne body lowered and given to the university as a college anatomy. However, once on campus, the crate was opened and the doctor heard the sound of breathing from the throat.
They immediately gave him a drink. Twelve hours after the execution, Anne was able to speak a few words. A few years later, Anne eventually married and had 3 children, and can live 15 years after the events of the execution that made him famous.
After this case, death row inmates hanged by dropping from a certain height to break his neck, shingga can die quickly.

John Henry George Lee

John was a maid in the home of Miss Emma. One day, Miss Emma found dead with a knife and slashed the throat of his house on fire. John was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. According to the schedule, John will dgantung on February 23, 1885 in Exeter Prison.
When it was D-day, John brought out of his cell to go to the place of execution. However, the trap door (door sealing zone between the prison) jammed. Not just once, twice, but three times.
In the midst of the confusion the prison and executor, John returned to his cell. And a few days later, his sentence was changed to life imprisonment.

William Duell

When 16-year-old, William was sentenced to death by hanging. As a result of the alleged rape and murder of a girl in the Village of Tyburn, London.
Just like mom Anne, the bodies of William planned to be used in medical college training, in accordance with the regular procedure at that time. After being declared dead, his remains were brought to the university.
Then after her clothes stripped and placed on the board, there is a lab assistant who realized that William's body to breathe. The longer, william breathe faster. And in 2 hours, he was able to sit up. That same evening, the government decided to transfer the sentence to imprisonment.

Joseph Samuel

Joseph was sentenced to death by hanging after being accused of robbery home of a wealthy woman and police guarding the house were killed.
Joseph was admitted the robbery. However, he stated that he was not involved in the killing. Joseph with his gang to rob the house. The head of the gang is released for lack of evidence.
In 1803, Joseph was taken with other prisoners to Parramatta, where there are hundreds of people who came to see the execution. After praying, Joseph rose to the top of the cart and rope draped around his neck. Once ready, the wagon pulled.
Joseph's body instead of hanging, the rope broke even. The executioner tried again, but this time the rope slip and Joseph leg touching the ground. In the midst of the crowd noise, the executioner try again for the third time. The back strap broke.
This time at the location of officers inform the governor about this event. Once informed, the governor changed the sentence into life imprisonment Joseph. Governor and other officials believe that the incident is an indication of God, that Joseph should not receive the punishment.

Wenseslao Moguel

Moguel sentenced to death by firing squad shot by police. He was shot nine times, including one last bullet fired into his head by a squad commander in close range to ensure his death.
Somehow, Moguel survive and are planning to escape. Moguel return to the village to enjoy the rest of his life is very precious.
The photo above was taken in 1937 in the show Ripley's Believe It or Not. Where Moguel showed signs of bullet that penetrated his head from close range.